Packing Tips for your Camper Holiday

My good friend Vicky is an expert packer, she even has an awesome spreadsheet she uses before heading away on a camping trip. And we quite often get asked what should be taken on a campervan trip. So here are our top tips for packing for your Campervan holiday.

1, The best carriers for your luggage are big folding bags, that way you can maximise space by folding them up and popping them in a cupboard. If you are travelling from further afield and have suitcases, you can always unpack into the Camper then we can store the cases for you if you like. You can leave your car with us without any charge, most people do this and just decant your belongings from car to camper.

2, Food. For cooking the Campervans have a grill and a gas hob with two rings. There is also a fridge with a freezer shelf and a sink to wash your dishes. The motorhome has an oven, grill, hob, microwave and large fridge. There is storage for soups, pasta, brekkie cereals etc. We make sure there are plates and bowls, mugs, glasses, cutlery, chopping board, utensils, pots and pans and a kettle so you don't need to bring those things with you.

What we normally do is buy whatever seasonal produce we fancy on our travels, taking with us the essentials from home e.g. oils, garlic, stock cubes, butter, milk, wine, diluting juice. There are tea, coffee and sugar already in the vehicles. A small bag of spices instead of taking all the bottles from the cupboard is a good shout. If you order a supermarket shop we can pack it in advance of you arriving. If you remember your reuseable bottles for your drinking water to cut down on plastic waste, we can fill them up for you before you leave.

We have a Co-op close by in the village or there is a Lidl around a mile away in Kirkintilloch for stocks. If you bring some containers with you, you can store leftovers and ensure no food goes to waste. Good shout to leave some space for local farm shops and deli's as these can have some real treats when you are on the road too.

3, Bedding. It's up to you if you prefer to bring your duvets with you or if you prefer sleeping bags, also sheets, pillows and favourite cuddly toy too. We can rent you sleeping bags and pillows if you are flying in and storage on a flight is minimal.

4, Midge repellent. The Scottish Midge - annoying little biting beasties, most common late spring in the early morning or evening or after the rain. You don't tend to get many in the Hebrides or near the coast or if it is windy. We find Avon's 'skin so soft' moisturising oil works a treat for keeping these beasties at bay. A midge net is a good idea if you don't like an oil on your skin.

5, Toiletries. All the usual stuff, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, anti bacterial hand wash, hairbrush, sun cream. We love Foamie solid shampoo here, it is vegan and is completely plastic free including the packaging. If you can manage, try to be minimalist by maybe bringing one tube of toothpaste per family, the same for the likes of shampoo. You'll find a first aid kit in each vehicle too.

6, Clothing. Really depends on the season you are travelling, but options to layer up in the cold and a waterproof coat incase it is wet are important. If you have them then hopefully you won't need them, this is better than not having them. I try really hard not to take too many pairs of shoes, but I do like my slippers for wearing in the vans. If its cold, pack hats and gloves. Wild swimming is increasing in popularity, so if you are up for trying (and have read up on all the safety stuff) - don't forget your swimmy.

7, Do you like a BBC then maybe a little bucket BBQ for that picnic on the beach. Please remember to leave no trace and only light the BBQ in designated areas. You probably know this already, so apologies to all those responsible campers out there.

8, Biodegradable bags, its amazing how much waste accumulates on a trip, a lot of the best campsites have recycling facilities and we can always recycle waste for you if you bring it back to Milton of Campsie on return. Just remember to have one bag for waste and one for recyclables. Walking round your camping spot with a litter picker when you first arrive will ensure you leave your site cleaner than you found it.

9, All the usual books, games and tablets and phones, some people join the tech free gang when they go away, but I can appreciate if you don't want to leave them behind. A camera or binoculars too if you like wildlife spotting. Downloading the podcasts and tunes before you set off can save you data. It's best to book an electric hook up at your campsite this will mean you can use the plug points and charge your devices and also top up the leisure battery.

Hopefully this will help your and your family pack for your trip. If you would like one of 'Vicky's' famous spreadsheets send across as a checklist, please just get in touch :-)

Wendy - Red Kite Campers

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