Doon Hill Fairy Trail - Aberfoyle

I'm a creature of habit, I like the same walks in and around the Campsies, but today we ventured a little further, to Aberfoyle. Only thirty five minutes from our base, in search of fairies at Doon Hill at Aberfoyle.

It's a lovely walk, a circlular which is always better than an out and back, around 4.5km with the hill being around 75 meters at the top. Which was slightly harder with a well fed toddler giving up on the walking and swinging around my neck.

Wildlife goal for the day was spotting two Kingfishers as we came over the bridge crossing the River Forth. Two tiny flashes of electric blue - bombing it up the river. They were so fast, no chance of a picture.

Coming into Autumn the brambles are in abundance up here. We had to pursuade the little guy to leave some of nature's bounty for the birds.

Off the country road and onto the trails, a few mountain bikes passed by, leaving me pondering whether I could maybe come back and hire one myself one day. Covered in mud, the guys and girls looked like they had a blast.

We took the path which headed up Doon Hill and soon we came across a fully adorned fairy house, with decorations from coins to ribbons and baubles.

A little further up was the door to the fairy house and then at the top was a very heavily decorated tree, this time with rags or clouties which people have put there on behalf of someone generally that is unwell, believing that as the rag rots down, the illness of the affected person disappears.

I would recommend coming down the same way as going up, as I am terrible with heights and the other route through the heather, although pretty was rather steep.

Then we continued along our route, little bridges over the river and lots more brambles gathered for later. Of course the heavens opened for a torrential five minutes - this is Scotland after all. We arrived back at the Wool Centre, just missing the dog and duck display. Never mind - there's always next time.