How to Pack for your Campervan Holiday

I always find the most stressful part of holidaying is the actual packing beforehand. What I thought I would do is share our experience of packing for our Campervan holidays. Perhaps you might use it as a checklist before your travels. Hope you find it useful.

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1, The best carriers for your luggage are big plastic bags, 'Ikea' ones are perfect as you can maximise space by folding them up and popping them in a cupboard. If you are travelling from further afield and have suitcases, you can always unpack into the Camper then store the cases with us if you like.

2, Food. For cooking this Campervan has a grill and a gas hob with two rings. There is also a fridge with a freezer shelf and a sink to wash your dishes. There is lots of storage for soups, pasta, brekkie cereals etc. What we normally do is buy whatever seasonal produce we fancy on our travels, taking with us the essentials from home for e.g. Olive oil, garlic, stock cubes, tea, coffee, butter, milk, wine, diluting juice. A small bag of spices instead of taking all the bottles from the cupboard. If you order a supermarket shop we can pack it in advance of you arriving, whatever's easiest. Please also remember drinking water too.

3, Bedding. We think sleeping bags are the easiest and cosiest way to snuggle down at the end of an exciting days exploring, but if you prefer duvets then by all means bring them instead. Two large sheets to cover the bed area and don't forget your pillows and favourite teddy.

4, Midge repellent. Ah, the infamous Scottish midge - most common late spring to late summer. It can leave you with an annoying itch should they bite you. Fear not though fellow campers - we find Avons 'skin so soft' moisturising oil works a treat for keeping these beasties at bay.

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5, Toiletries. All the usual stuff, toothbrush, shampoo, shower gel, anti bacterial hand wash, hairbrush, sun cream, family first aid kit etc. If you can manage, try to be minimalist by maybe bringing one tube of toothpaste per family, the same for the likes of shampoo. Wipes are good but remember most do not biodegrade, so be sure to pop them in the bin at the campsite.

6, Clothing. I always prefer to have the layering option available. For this reason I prefer a waterproof shell jacket, that you can always add extra layers to underneath. Its difficult but I try really hard just to take two pairs of shoes away too, perhaps a pair of walking boots and a pair of trainers, depending on the activities and the weather. If its cold, pack hats and gloves. If you have lovely weather on your trip and if you are going to paddle in one of the lochs don't forget your swimwear and a towel.

7, Plastic fold away seats are perfect for watching the sun go down. A waterproof rug or groundsheet is another option.

8, Disposable bags, its amazing how much waste accumulates even overnight in a camper. If you bring a few extra bags with you.

9, Books, phones, tablets and cameras and games. When you are plugged in at the campsite you can charge your electric devices in the Campervan.

10, Don't forget some cash, cards, camera, your tickets for any ferries and passport if you need it.

Campervan hire scotland

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