Enjoying Campervan holiday at Loch Lomond


Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions and answers, please just get in touch if you can't find what you are looking for on 07872059038 or info@redkitecampers.co.uk


Length of the Campervan

Extra living space is great when you hire this long wheel base Campervan.  It measures 525cm from bumper to bumper.  If you are hiring the bike rack which can carry four bikes, this increases the length to 610cm.  When booking ferries with Cal Mac please select Motorhome and either 5.1-5.5m or 6.1-6.5m for the cheapest fayres.

Road Rescue

To get UK emergency help phone 0333 333 9711.   This covers roadside assistance and nationwide recovery.  Please quote our policy number which is 331408.  Also please contact us at Red Kite Campers.

For breakdown assistance in Europe please dial 01444 442044. 


A text service is provided for use by the deaf, hard of hearing or speech -impaired customers.  Please text the word 'breakdown' to 07786 202671

Sat Nav Postcode Search

We love our Vw's but the sat nav can be a little tricky to locate the postcode search so here's our guide.  Go to 'new destination' at the screens bottom left, next press to the right of where it says 'city', then at the bottom left it will say 'ptcd'.  Then enter postcode, hit ABC to add letters or 123 to switch it back to numbers, for a space, press S+#, then press the bottom middle 'space bar', then it's back to ABC for more letters or numbers it's 123.  


Control Panel


In our VW Campers the electrics are controlled from a panel next to the seating area in the van.  Push the top left button to switch the power on.   Use the leisure battery – the battery with L marked on it the majority of the time, lights at the right will indicate the level.  The leisure battery will operate lights, water and heating and will charge phones and work a kettle when the camper is hooked up at a campsite. The battery with V is the van battery.


Heating System

Ensure the gas is switched on.  Turn the knob to the right above the control panel, to the right.  Once puts only the fans on, twice to the right puts the heating on.  After around a minute the green light will come on and the van will heat up.   To turn off just turn the knob back to the top, please note it will take around three minutes for the fans to switch off.  

Pop Up Roof

Loosen the fastenings right off at the front of van and then using the handles push the roof up.  Bringing the roof down requires you to pull the roof down using these handles, make sure there is no fabric obscuring the roof back into position.  Please make sure the little night lights are out of the way too.  Pull the rest of the fabric in and secure the roof very tightly in place with the ties.

Turning on the Gas

Gas bottle is located in the rear right cupboard.  Loosen the strap around the bottle so you can see the red screw on the top.  Turn towards the + to put the gas on or towards the – to shut it off.  Please ensure the gas is switched in the off position when driving or not in use. 

Hooking up at a Campsite

On the drivers side of the van there is a flap for the connection.  Take the connection cable out of the bag and plug into your power supply at the campsite.  Lift the flap and plug the other side into the van.

The Fridge

To switch the fridge on, open the door to the fridge and push and hold the power button until the lights come on.  Then all you need to do is adjust the temperature settings on the right.  To turn off, push and hold the power button until the lights go out.  

Refilling the Water

Use the key on the set other than the ignition key to open the water tank situated on the left hand side of the vehicle.  Pour water into this area.

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